PADI Tec 50

This course is the last of the TEC courses for open circuit and air. PADI TEC 40 & 45 have trained you in most of the skills you will need. However TEC 50 takes you to 165 feet, 50 meters. Your full technical gear is not complete and you will be taught to use up to three different gases.

You will take the skills you learned in TEC 45 and add more complexity to your dives. You will learn how to use two different gases for decompression. You will also make dive plans using desktop software as well as manual dive plans. Additionally you will learn how to make dives using your dive computer as you primary means of decompression. All your motor skills will be practiced and refined throughout this course.

Maximum depth: 50 meters/165 feet
Maximum EANx: 100%
Maximum gases: 3

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