PADI Tec 45

This course is intended for those divers who wish to continue their TEC education. It is the first PADI TEC course that takes you below the recreational diving limits of 130 feet. If you did not complete your TEC 40 course in full technical gear, then you will need a full TEC kit for this course and on.
You will take the skills you learned in TEC 40 and continue to refine them. You will also learn to use enriched air and oxygen to accelerate or add conservativism to your decompression. You will also make dive plans using desktop software as well as manual dive plans. All your motor skills will be practiced and refined throughout this course. This provides you the foundation necessary for safe technical diving as well as moving on to the PADI Tec 50 course.

Maximum depth: 45 meters/145 feet
Maximum EANx: 100%
Maximum gases: 2

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