Scuba Refresher

Have you been out of the water for too long and need to freshen up your scuba skills before your next trip? Lone Star Scuba offers Refreshers for divers who have been out of the water for no more than ten years every Sunday that we have a pool session for our Open Water classes.

During the Refresher course one of our Instructors or experienced Divemasters will help you sort out your scuba equipment that may not have been used in a while and determine what is still safe to use. They will walk you through proper gear assembly and go over the skills that you learn in your beginning scuba certification course to get you ready for your trip. The Instructor / Divemaster will also help you gain comfort and confidence in the water with buoyancy and ear equalization exercises.

This is one of the best ways to alleviate those pre-trip jitters and have the confidence to participate in all of the diving activities in a fun, safe, and prepared way.

The Instructor / Divemaster will bring the tanks, weights, regulators, and, BCD's to the pool for you if you do not own your own. We encourage all Refresher students to bring any gear they plan to use on their trip to the pool.

As a training environment we also encourage students to ask questions, or bring up situations that they would like to learn more about.

Scuba Refresher Schedule

Sundays 1pm-3pm

21 January 2018
18 February 2018
11 March 2018
8 April 2018
29 April 2018
20 May 2018
3 June 2018
17 June 2018
8 July 2018
22 July 2018
5 August 2018
19 August 2018
9 September 2018
23 September 2018
7 October 2018
4 November 2018
9 December 2018