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Binoculars Looking At Ocean
Flower Gardens Fish

Flower Gardens NMS

Multiple Dates 2018

Picture yourself over 100 miles from land, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. At times, the seas can be very unforgiving, and the weather can turn foul in an instant. But here, in the midst of this unpredictable Gulf, lie three of the most beautiful and wild places in all the world. Manta rays, whale sharks, coral heads bigger than cars, hundreds of species of fish and invertebrates… This place teems with life!

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Fiji Nai'a Trip 2019

Fiji Nai'a Liveaboard

6-13 April 2019

Fiji is known for its stunning soft corals but divers can also expect to see a variety of sharks and rays, schools of fish and plenty of smaller creatures. Drift dives over steep walls and pinnacles should be expected. However, you also spend time throughout the trip in sheltered lagoons and coral gardens and take the opportunity to hop ashore for a traditional kava ceremony.

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Coral Spawning

Bonaire - Coral Spawning

29 September -6 October 2018

Join us in Bonaire at Buddy Dive for a week of amazing shore diving and a predicted full moon coral spawning. Bonaire is some of the easiest diving in the world with so much to see. With 86 dive sites within the marine park you can dive all day, every day and never see the same site twice. The great thing about this trip is that everything is on your schedule so you can dive when and where you want 24 hours a day.

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Type 95 Battle Tanks On the San Francisco Maru
Sailing Yacht Palau Siren
Aqua Cat Cruises Bahamas

Truk Lagoon

29 November - 6 December 2020

Truk Lagoon is considered the Super Bowl of wreck diving with over 70 ships and 400 aircraft destroyed during Operation Hailstone on February, 1944. Truk Lagoon was the forward anchorage for the Imperial Japanese Navy and this battle was Japan's Pearl Harbor.

There are plenty of wrecks within recreational depth limits (some even extend above the surface) and also deeper technical dives if one is trained and equipped to safely conduct them. Most divers who visit Truk/Chuuk are recreational and there are more dives within rec. depth limits than they could ever hope to do in months. This will be our fourth trip. In addition to the ships and artifacts are beautiful corals that cover the wrecks, tons of tropical fish and sharks and rays. There is a wealth of great diving and history here for everyone.

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Palau Siren

8 - 15 December 2020

Join us aboard the Sailing Yacht Palau Siren for some of the most beautiful and exciting South Pacific diving on the planet. We have chosen a date that not only falls when Palau is at its best (calm, warm water and less rain), but that also coincides with a New Moon Bumphead Parrotfish (Bolbometopon muricatum) spawning event conducted by special guests, Unique Diving Expeditions.

Palau is many people's favorite spot in the world to dive and we have been twice, but we wanted to add the Unique Dive Expedition event plus the beauty and serenity of the sailing liveaboard experience to this trip.

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Bahamas - Aqua Cat Cruises

Every Saturday through Saturday

Offering you the best in liveaboard scuba diving and snorkeling in the Bahamas on the Aqua Cat. You will cruise from Nassau, Bahamas to the remote islands of the Exumas, and especially the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, the most pristine area in all the Bahamas. For over 30 years, much of the northern Exumas has been a National Underwater Park with no fishing, spearfishing or collecting allowed. Because of these laws there are miles and miles of undersea gardens.

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