Flower Gardens


February 17-18 $585 - $603, $65 Nitrox Hammerheads
July 7-8 $585 - $603, $65 Nitrox
July 19-20 $535 - $551, $65 Nitrox Stetson & Kraken
August 11-12 $585 - $603, $65 Nitrox
September 15-16 $585 - $603, $65 Nitrox
October 6-7 $585 - $603, $65 Nitrox


The Gulf of Mexico offers some of the best and wildest diving you will ever see. Under-appreciated by those who have not been there, sites like the Flower Gardens Banks, Stetson's Bank and the better oil and gas platforms feature high-energy, large animal experiences and populations of fish that remind one of past decades.
The difference between Gulf sites and those one may be familiar with in the Caribbean are where the diving occurs. In the Caribbean, sites are often one to two hundred yards offshore. In the Gulf the sites are seventy-five to one hundred miles offshore. The area is a National Marine Sanctuary and protected from commercial fishing, oil exploration, dumping garbage, using explosives and, generally, anything that might damage or disrupt the environment or it's inhabitants.
Sightings of Mantas, whale sharks, reef sharks and pelagic animals are common as well as some of the healthiest hard corals to be seen. There are opportunities to see large turtles, more barracuda than can be counted and very large schools of fish. It is one of the best places we have ever been diving and right in our back yard.