Dive Log: Cozumel November 2016

One of the greatest things available to divers that live in the DFW area is the close proximity to an International airport. Most of the Caribbean islands and the Gulf of Mexico are just a few hours of flight time. An amazing example of this is the Island of Cozumel. There are myriad dive locations with plenty of capable dive boats willing to take your group on adventure once you get there. As soon as your flight begins the final decent over the island it is easy to become engrossed in the relaxing atmosphere. The light and dark blue waters collide as you begin to settle between t...

Dive Log: Flower Gardens September 2015

Manta Flower Gardens
On our very first dive from the M/V Fling, one hundred miles out at sea, we were greeted by this manta. It stuck around, circling and swimming up to us through the dive into our second dive after hanging out by the boat during our surface interval. Throughout the seven dives we also saw sharks, turtles, eels and an abundance of fish. The first day of diving started at sunrise at the Flower Gardens East Bank with two dives there. Then we ventured over to an oil rig to dive under the platform. At the rig the coral grows over the supports and is teeming with tiny little creatures. Dive f...

Dive Log Experience Coming Soon

One of the questions we hear the most at Lone Star Scuba is "Have you been to...?", followed by "What dive operator did you like?", "Where did you stay?", "Know any good restaurants?" and "How was the diving?". So we decided to add a section to our website where our staff and instructors can provide information about our dive journeys to help answer some of these questions. As we travel and gather information we will share it here.